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  • awesome

    I love the store


  • Love this place!

    We were lucky enough to find not one, but TWO perfect pups here. Our girls truly are the best dogs we've ever had. Chris, Christine, and Jake are all wonderful to work with and are genuiniely interested in seeing their pups come back to visit. We highly recommend The Perfect Pup over other puppy stores!

    Carl, Julie, Jackson, Lola, & Coco

  • Our new dog.

    The Perfect Pup staff has been so helpful throughout the process of finding our dog. They were knowledgeable of the different breeds and helpful with what we were looking for.


  • Definitely a pet shop with class!

    I recently purchased a puppy, and this is the cleanest and nicest pet shop I've ever been to. You can tell that the owner and employees really care for these puppies and want the best for them. I'm so happy with my new little Beagle puppy! She's fitting in very nicely with the rest of the family!!


  • amazing store

    we love it. we went there all the time for the last few years and it finally payed off my parents bought us a havenese a few weeks ago and he is perfect. we still go there a few times a week to see the new pups and to say hi to our old friends jake and chris.

    Robbie and Torrie K