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  • The store always has what I need and my dog loves it there.


  • amazing store

    we love it. we went there all the time for the last few years and it finally payed off my parents bought us a havenese a few weeks ago and he is perfect. we still go there a few times a week to see the new pups and to say hi to our old friends jake and chris.

    Robbie and Torrie K

  • Definitely a pet shop with class!

    I recently purchased a puppy, and this is the cleanest and nicest pet shop I've ever been to. You can tell that the owner and employees really care for these puppies and want the best for them. I'm so happy with my new little Beagle puppy! She's fitting in very nicely with the rest of the family!!


  • Our new dog.

    The Perfect Pup staff has been so helpful throughout the process of finding our dog. They were knowledgeable of the different breeds and helpful with what we were looking for.


  • Love this place!

    We were lucky enough to find not one, but TWO perfect pups here. Our girls truly are the best dogs we've ever had. Chris, Christine, and Jake are all wonderful to work with and are genuiniely interested in seeing their pups come back to visit. We highly recommend The Perfect Pup over other puppy stores!

    Carl, Julie, Jackson, Lola, & Coco

  • awesome

    I love the store


  • Thank you

    We purchased our bull mastiff from them and he has a wonderful disposition, markings and very lovable. I would purchase another puppy from them. It is easy to recommend The Perfect Pup store as people ask all the time where we got him!

    Sir Kodiak

  • Best Puppy Store EVER!!

    The Perfect Pup is the best place to go when looking for a new puppy! The staff is extremely friendly, and VERY helpful! The puppies are very well cared for while there. I purchased my boxer pup from them, and he is the best addition to our family! And with the puppy package available, you can get everything you need from just one place. Not to mention, the groomer at The Perfect Pup...She is fabulous!! She is wonderful with all types of dogs. My dogs love going to see her. All in all, this is the BEST place to go when looking for puppy with all their needs taken care of.

    Jackie S. and Family

  • Love my Pugs!

    I purchased my first pug october 2011 - 12 week old baby boy, precious and so well behaved! He has the perfect personality and I believe that it has a lot to do with the environment he was in. The store is spotless, plenty of room for the puppies to roam and lots and lots of love from the owners to the employees! I have as of 4/29/2012 purchased my second pug from them. She is adorable, well behaved and it shows that she was also very much loved while at the perfect pup store. Very intelligent and loving people work here and it shows their hearts beat only for the puppies they sell. I am so incredibly happy with the store, people and my babies! If you are ever interested in purchasing a puppy, please try them first, you will not regret it.

    Pauly & Portia's mommy

  • Awesome

    This store is the BEST place to show your kids friends family anybody puppies. Keep doing what your doing!


  • Love at first sight

    My fiance and I have been in search of our - Perfect Pup - We're from the Wood Dale area and have looked at places all in our area never finding even the store we would want to purchase from let alone the puppy we wanted. When you go to a lot of these other places the dogs are kept in small cages, hot environments - just not a good vibe from these places. Their dogs also seemed to be very aggressive (maybe a product of a puppy mill??) The second we walked into The Perfect Pup Store we were happy. All the dogs were clean, happy, and so friendly!! The staff is just waiting to give you information but never felt pushy about getting you to buy. The dogs are continuously pet & played with making for a social dog. We haven't purchased a puppy as of yet... Waiting to hear about a Brindle French Bulldog... but you can bet we will be buying our little guy here! Thank you ~

    Greg & Kristin L

  • Staff is so helpful and knowledgeable!

    The staff at this store really knows their stuff, all breeds included. They are very honest and helpful when assisting you with finding the right pup for your lifetstyle and living situation. No pressure, ever!

    Carole B